Manufacturer: Castellani
Manufacturer part number: 9900000385750
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A new redesigned lens to guarantee the best performance during your shooting session. Adjustable and removable nose bridge to fit perfectly your the face shape.

The visual field is completely unobstructed as there is no front frame. All the lenses come with a nose bridge installed.

This lens offers the clear look without any kind of extra aberration or color enhancement, our contrast technology provides a more brilliant vision. A perfect choice to protect your eyes from the wind.

Visible light transmission 88 %

HD Lime is a very balanced lens in low light conditions, it maintains an amazing depth of field and it adds a rich color lift. The anti-reflective coating completes an high performance tool to create sharp images.

Visible light transmission 88%

Highlights clay targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions, the depth of field is increased. This lens works good for clay shooting as well as game hunting.

Visible light transmission 87 %

Offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast, this lens is the choice for low light conditions.

Visible light transmission 77 %

An excellent all around lens, perfect in medium light conditions. It intensifies the contrast of the target edges, good also for pink clays. The orange lens relaxes your eyes.

Visible light transmission 56 %

A perfect all around color in medium light conditions. A great target contrast and a light suppression of green colors are the best effects of this lens.

Visible light transmission 47 %

Light brown brings out orange-colored targets and works well in the field when conditions are bright. This lens helps to calm your eyes and keep your pupils open so they can catch movement.

Visible light transmission 47 %

This lens intensifies the target light and tone neutralizing the green and pumping the light blue colors. A perfect option in medium light condition and partly cloudy sky.

Visible light transmission 39 %

If you’re looking for an orange boost this is your color. It encreases the orange target light against green and light blue backgrounds while enhancing contrast. Anti-reflective coating applied on the surface.

Visible light transmission 33 %

A big boost in orange target and a good solution for black target also. This color darkens the sky and fades out the green background. We suggest to wear the lens 3 minutes before to start your shooting session, allowing the eyes to get used to the color.

Visible light transmission 26 %

A great lens for very bright conditions. An amazing boost in target orange, perfect against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction, it works excellently also against snow background.

Visible light transmission 20 %

It’s a neutral, or “true” color that allows the wearer to see all colors as they are. Gray shooting lens does not enhance the target, but it’s good against direct sun. Perfect choice in presence of snow.

Visible light transmission 17 %

Inspired by our vermilion tint we studied this stunning color: a traffic light red. This is the best choice to have an amazing contrast and vision if you have a green background in front of you, the green will become darker and the target lighter. We suggest to wear this lens at least 3 minutes before your shooting session to accustom your eyes.

Visible light transmission 16 %

This lens has rich natural color enhancement. Light reducing lens for bright, glaring days with an open background. Great for picking up brown hues during hunting game birds.

Visible light transmission 16%